Hey guys, welcome to our website! My name is Robbie and I am a sports mad fanatic! I am the main contributor and editor of the website. I love watching sports and of course, I love having a bet! I live in New York and I am a massive Yankees fan. I started this website as there was not a lot of information out there for punters who want to bet on their mobile. The laws here in the USA are not very clear and I wasn’t sure who I could bet with and where. I looked at lots of bookies and companies to bet with and thought, hey why not share this information with others looking to bet. So I made the All Star bets site. I have used (and still use) all of the mobile apps we review. The website tries to be honest and give unbiased reviews on the sites, apps and companies. Are they all good? Hell no! Some apps out there suck and those that do, don’t make it on to our review and guide site.

My favorite app? Well that would be the intertops app purely for ease of use, market choice and odds. I do also like to have a dabble in the casino and use the slots app by slots.lv too.

Go Yankees!

If you want to know anymore about any of the apps, mobile sites, bookies, the website or me, feel free to drop us a mail on the contact form page. We are always looking for fellow sports and betting fans to join the site so if you like gambling and writing, drop us a message!



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