Onshore and offshore bookmakers

If there is one thing we love in America, it is sports. We are crazy about it! Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, you name it,we love it! But there are those of us who also love the thrill of having a wager on sports too and for many years, this has been a big grey area. As gambling is now being legalized in some states, more and more of us are looking to have a bet on our favorite team and sport. So how do you do it if you live an a state that is yet to legalize gambling? Well you use an offshore bookmaker. What is the difference between an onshore and offshore bookmaker? Well it is pretty simple really.

An onshore bookmaker is one who is registered (and most likely based) in the US. They are licence in America and able to operate certain gambling activities within the state.

An offshore bookmaker is one who is registered outside of the US. This can be anywhere in the globe. There are a lot of countries who have their own gambling licence, such as Costa Rico, Curaçao, Malta, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Alderney and several other jurisdictions. Just having these licencees doesn’t mean they are able to take US players and many countries refuse to accept players from the US. There are however a lot of bookmakers who will accept players located in the USA, you can see the pick of these below on our recommended offshore bookies below.

What is an offshore bookmaker?

Can you trust an offshore bookmaker? There are lots of horror stories all over the internet about people losing money by using a dodgy bookie or casino online. But, there are also a lot of offshore casino and gambling companies you can use and trust. We on the US gambling app guide only feature and review bookies we use ourselves, trust and feel they are safe place for players to gamble using real money. They are legally licensed and operate legally and within the law. The main purpose of our site is to show you how to have a safe and enjoyable experience when gambling in the US.

One thing you may not know is that not all gambling activities are treated the same. For example, sports betting is seen as different to Horse Race betting. Casino, poker, bingo, lottery, E-Sport are all treated differently under different licences and states. So you may be in one of the newly licensed states and be able to bet on the NFL using an onshore book, but can’t bet on the horses or play for example. It is important to check each states stance and laws on what you can and can’t do. The way to be able to gamble on everything you want to, is using an offshore bookie that will let you bet on sports, play real money casino games, play poker for real cash as well as lottery, bingo and bet on the horse racing.

It is estimated that there is over $3 billion wagered on sports betting around the globe each year. It is absolutely huge and we all want a piece of that winning pie.