What is it expected from the gambling industry?

Roulette is one of the best-known casino games, and rightly so. Its apparent simplicity makes it one of the most affordable, but also one of the most exciting games. The basic rules of roulette are simple: players bet on a number or colour and then spin the wheel horizontally. The ball then stops on a number and colour, and if the bet is right, the bet wins.

Since this basic principle, two main types of roulette have been created. The French roulette (the original roulette wheel, which can be found everywhere in France) has 37 numbers, while the American roulette wheel has 38 numbers. This has a slight influence on the chances of winning, but the principles remain largely the same. If you don’t know how to play roulette, you can have a try online on various sites before going to the casino to play this amazing game.

Some variants have been invented to change the basic principle, to spice up the game a little, and encourage the development of online casinos. Be careful not to confuse the roulette rules with the rules of the Ball, which are similar in appearance but have key differences.

Multiple roulettes

The “hard” roulettes, which appeared in the seventeenth century, of course allow only one wheel to turn at a time. But the digitalisation of casinos from the 2000s onwards has changed the situation. It is now technically possible to spin virtual roulettes at the same time. This is what gave rise to “multi-wheel”. The player can bet on a number and a colour… And throw the ball on several wheels at the same time. This of course increases the probability of winning, which is usually compensated by lower rewards.

Another style of roulette has also made its appearance in online casinos: “multi-ball” roulette. As the name suggests, it involves using several balls at the same time. There can be up to 10 balls, each of which has a different colour so that everyone can find their way around. This is one of the most exciting variations of roulette because anything can happen.

Multiplayer roulette

In addition to multiplying the wheels or balls, you can also simply multiply the number of players. This practice has become widespread in online casinos after having met with great success in the field of video games with titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Apex Legends. This recreates the atmosphere of “hard” casinos on the Internet. There is also a psychological aspect: the game becomes more exciting when you want to beat opponents who are betting alongside you. The arrival of new technologies such as artificial intelligence also makes it possible to give even more life to virtual croupiers, so that they can follow the desires of the players.

A hybrid model has also made its debut in recent years: Dual Play, created by the Evolution Gaming studio. The principle is simple: players who are located at the roulette table in a casino can play with those who are located elsewhere (at the bar, the restaurant…), thanks to an application. This really connects the digital and the “hard” aspect of a casino. In the same way, the “live” options are now particularly sought after.

Hybrid roulette

It is also impossible to ignore the “hybrid” casters, which borrow codes from other games. The best known is certainly the “pinball roulette”, like the 3D pinball roulette offered on Amazon. It is based on pinball games that originated in arcades. As with pinball, your ball is sent to a screen and bounces off various objects… except you don’t have to catch it. It ends up stopping at a number at the bottom of the screen. So it’s a very original combination of two very popular games.

Many variants have also got rid of the numbers to adapt the casters to other worlds. One will thus mention the Chinese roulette, and its 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac… or the alphabet roulette, which uses letters. The principle remains however approximately the same one, the probabilities to win vary according to the number of notches.

Here are the unusual variants of roulette! You will have understood it, the basic principle rarely changes, but the modifications allow to bring a little spice and novelty to this centenary game.

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