Sports betting has hit the United States hard. After decades of not being able to bet on their favorite sports, Americans have embraced sports betting just like the rest of the world. The popularity of betting is also going to continue growing as more and more states add betting legislation in the coming years.

In some states, the only legal sports betting is retail betting, also known as in-person betting. The sportsbook or retail betting location is typically located in a casino, though some states allow sports venues such as arenas to host their own affiliated sportsbooks. The standalone betting shop that is a common sight in most British towns and cities doesn’t really exist in the United States, but that may change with time.

Betting online is becoming more widespread across the country. Online sports betting is more convenient for the bettor and allows for more competition between sportsbooks. The two big online sportsbooks — DraftKings and FanDuel — have managed to secure a huge percentage of the online betting market through name recognition and by offering odds on a huge range of sports.

They aren’t the only players in the game, however. There are many smaller sportsbooks that also provide great odds and a great bettor experience. This article will give a brief overview of online betting and then talk about some of the other sportsbooks that you should keep an eye out for.

Legal US sports betting

Sports betting, both legal and illegal, has a long history in the United States. The laws surrounding sports betting have fluctuated in severity, shifting with the cultural climate of the times. For much of the past, all sports betting — with the major exception of horse racing — has been regulated at a federal level.

Since 2018, however, a new era of state-led legalization has been introduced. Nowadays, each state has the power to make its own laws regulating sports betting. Some states have chosen to fully allow betting, others have been more cautious and implemented strict guidelines, while others still haven’t decided yet or have chosen to ban sports betting.

Is online sports betting legal in the US?

Online sports betting is legal in many, but not all states as of 2022. Online sports betting is legal in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Most online sportsbooks are fully compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. Many of the top sportsbooks also have their owns apps. Betting apps are a great way to be able to bet on the go and place those last-minute bets.

Deposit options for US bettors

Online casinos accept a wide range of deposit options. Some are processed almost immediately, while others can take up to three days. The most common deposit options are bank or wire transfers, credit/debit cards, payment apps such as Venmo or PayPal, or digital wallets. There are some sportsbooks that also accept cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawals options for US bettors

Typically, online sportsbooks offer fewer withdrawal methods than deposit methods. Make sure that there is a method you are comfortable using before you create an account. Withdrawals also tend to take slightly longer to process. The most common withdrawal methods are bank transfers, PayPal and online banking.

Best payment method for US sports betting

The best payment method for US sports betting is the one that you feel most comfortable with using and that allows you to keep track of what you’re spending. For some people, this means only using bank transfers because they take longer to process. For others, this can mean using a digital wallet that you only use for betting expenses.

Getting started

Once you’ve figured out if online sports betting is legal where you are, it’s time to get started. Choose a sportsbook, create an account, claim your bonuses and make a deposit. Staying up to date with sports and gambling news can also be a really helpful way to stay informed and know what to bet on and when. Once you’ve done all of that, it’s time to place your first bet. Here are some sports betting sites you might not have heard of or tried yet to consider:

BetRivers is the sportsbook of the Rivers Casino brand out of Pennsylvania. This established brand has several casinos, and their sportsbook is highly regarded across the East Coast.

The Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is one of the newest sportsbooks around, having only been launched in late 2021. Sports Illustrated might not have a long history in the industry but if anyone knows sports, they do.

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