The long-lasting industry of casinos. Since the first casino in Venice back in the 17th century, these establishments have come a long way mainly in the strategies used to attract more people, but more than everything, to provide the best experience possible inside their buildings in order for gamblers to feel at ease and spend more time in their premises.

There are almost scientific based strategies used by casinos to know what motivates the players to remain interested in the casino games. The final goal is to prevent them from falling into boredom and to do this you need to put in the mixer attractive stimulus to keep them enjoying the long sessions in a playing table.

For this, casinos have many tools at their disposal to generate a nice atmosphere and entertain their clients. We’re talking about flashing lights, colorful decorations, comfortable furniture, great food and beverage offering, live shows and even the lack of clocks in the room.

But one of the less though of instruments in a casino that’s very easy to go unnoticed is the music. And its capacity to be off the radar of the human eye makes it one of the most effective tools for casinos.

In Europe, where the first land-based casinos opened, the attendance was mainly from rich people between the 17th and 20th centuries, the famous “bourgeois class” which was the social class that had the money available to spend on gambling. This meant that the music that prevailed in the establishments was classical music.

Since the 20th century and the arrival of jazz music, this genre became the most popular in casinos. This was the case until the 1960’s where classical music made a comeback but only until the 1970’s where the popularity of pop music was to important for casinos to disregard its use.

In those periods, music was mainly used in casinos as a mere distraction and a way to liven up the mood. But today it’s quite different.

Music in casinos has a specific function, and the playlists are chosen in a meticulous manner in order to provide the best possible ambience to play and gamble.

A very effective genre for this in today’s music landscape is electronic music or EDM. Artists such as Tiesto, Afrojack or Skrillex have a kind of music composition with fast rhythms and high BPM’s. This makes electronic music a great bridge to transmit players with energetic and adrenaline filled emotions that could in turn provide the player with more stamina to hold on for longer playing sessions. At the same time, this kind of music encourages the players to gamble rather faster and this is in all senses better for the house.

Similarly, music has become a fundamental part in the development of online casinos. One fundamental part of the gameplay experience is the entertainment element in casino games that you can find online, and music is a crucial part of it.

Several of these sites where players can enjoy games like slots or online roulette in numerous platforms have a ranking of the best online casinos that are reviewed by experts and players. Casinos rank higher thanks to the bonuses they offer as well as a broad range of payments and the possibilities of playing in mobile devices. But in the end one of the most important aspects is the quality and popularity of the games offered.

Music becomes essential in online games where the player is far away from the live action of a land-based casino and needs other kind of inputs to feel as if he is right there in the center of the action.

In the case of slots for example, they’ve turned to one of the most sought-after games in online casinos thanks to all the ingredients that can be added to their gameplay. The addition of music has helped many game developers to even release slots based on the greatest rock bands in music history, attracting millions of fans to play their games.

There’s no doubt that music touches every fiber of our body and it drives feelings that casinos are adding into their bag of tricks to offer their clients the best possible experience in the entertainment industry.

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