Advancements in the slot industry tend to creep in. Sometimes they can go completely unnoticed for a while before they end up becoming revolutionary and ubiquitous aspects of the games. Progressive jackpots are a prime example of that. Now, it seems as though some new features could be set to take slots into the next stage of their evolutionary process. Megaways, Hyper Hold, and Hyperspins have all been in the news over the last year. But which one will be the biggest hit that other developers simply can’t ignore?

Slots are Constantly Moving Forwards

Most slots fans know that car mechanic Charles Fey invented the first-ever slot machine, the Liberty Bell, way back in 1894. But imagine if the legendary inventor had hopped into a time machine and set the destination for 2021, shortly after developing his creation. He’d probably have thought that the game had been a flop because he wouldn’t have been able to find anything that fully resembles it in the modern world. In fact, though, the game was so influential that it sparked a multibillion-dollar industry in which progress has been rife for over one hundred years.

It is difficult to come up with another game genre that has evolved as much as slots. Because it is such a popular and competitive form of gaming, developers are constantly striving to innovate and get the edge over their rivals. Whenever someone comes up with a particularly impressive new feature, others quickly pounce on it, and it becomes commonplace. This is being seen at present, with a few new ideas that have come to the fore in the world of slots. Now, players are wondering which new facet will have the biggest impact on the industry.


Megaways is currently the most successful new slots enhancement, and it has already come into common usage. The engine was designed by the Australian developer, Big Time Gaming. Thanks to its popularity, it has been used by other major developers in the business. The concept involves the reels changing in size randomly to generate a multitude of different win lines. Before this, most modern slot games would go up to around 250 ways to win. But this original idea took that to much greater heights with approximately 120,000 ways to win.

The new concept has brought about some stunning gameplay patterns in slot games that have served to up the excitement levels tenfold. Thanks to the mass interest in these games, all the major online casinos are now offering Megaways options to their players. For instance, one of Betway’s top listings is the 8 Skulls of Holly Roger Megaways Firepot. This thrilling option from Microgaming is one of the top new games at the site, and it has been lauded for its generous RTP of 96.86 percent.

Megaways is here to stay, but whether it can become the most-played form of slot game remains to be seen. When looking at lists of slots, Megaways options are still in the minority compared to traditional themed options based on movies like Terminator 2 and famous brands such as Playboy.

Hyper Hold

Hyper Hold is a more recent innovation, but it’s one that will appeal to a lot of older slot players who are seeking nostalgia. The hold feature was a common staple on slot games before they made the shift online. Once the digital form of the game grew in stature, though, hold almost disappeared. This function effectively lets players hold a reel and spin the others. It gives the player more control and helps them feel as if they affect the outcome.

Assassin Moon Hyper Hold is one of the leading slots with this new feature, which was released by Microgaming. With the Isle of Man-based company being behind several major innovations in slots over the years, it would not be surprising to see this invention catch on across the board. Hyper Hold doesn’t allow players to hold reels all the time, but they do have a chance to do so during the game’s bonus feature. Microgaming also recently came up with Epic Strike, a mechanic that gives players the chance to 2000 x their bet.


The other major new feature worth discussing is Hyperspins. This has a similar function to the hold, but it works in a slightly different way. When Hyperspins is activated within a game, players will have just spun the reels and allowed them to settle in their final resting positions. From there, they have the option to spin one of the reels again.

So, they are effectively holding all the other reels in place. This option lets players feel as if they have more control, but it isn’t quite as exhilarating as it sounds from the name. Of the three new developments listed here, this one seems like the least likely to catch on.

At the time of writing, Megaways is clearly the standout option of these three features and the one that is causing the greatest shockwaves through the industry. However, the other two innovations could also become huge hits in the years ahead. A combination of all three of these things might occur in the future, as developers are seeking more ways to give players the feeling that they are in control of their destiny when they spin the reels. The evolution of slots could spill over and inspire other areas of gambling in the future too. Indeed, bookmakers may end up deciding on imaginative new ways for people to bet.

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