iGaming fans turn to online solutions

While the states of New York and California have already been contained for several days, it is important to note that nearly one-third of Americans live in some form of containment. The states of Washington, Michigan and New Mexico were the latest to order people to stay in their homes on Monday, and the governor of California tightened the restrictions.

In several states across this great country, cinemas, theatres and auditoriums have begun to close. Among them, of course, are the hundreds of casinos throughout the country. A godsend for online gaming solutions. Even for the sport fans, the news are still good while they will be able to keep playing online.


The Importance of Containment

Some of American citizens have been asked to contain themselves, and some believe that the measure will soon be imposed so they decide to put themselves into containment. It must be said that this is the only effective way to limit the impact of the epidemic on public health and the economy. The casinos have therefore expressed no reservations about this closure, even though they are fully aware of its repercussions.

It is essential that the American citizens stay home, but it is also difficult for them to keep busy all day. It is therefore a good thing that online slot games and casino enthusiasts find online solutions that allow them to kill the boredom and pass the time more easily. In addition, those who like to go to the casino will continue to do so once the pronounced pandemic is over.

Significant economic consequences to be feared

Casinos are concerned about the impact of such containment on their cash flow, but they are not alone. It is the entire global economy that is threatened by this sudden and massive shutdown of economic activity. A situation that could have dramatic consequences if it were to drag on.

The Coronavirus crisis is for the moment sanitary, but it could quickly become social and economic if the American citizens refuse to measure the seriousness of the moment. Even Donald Trump hopes to see the Churches full of people for Easter. That is why the federal administrators are considering imposing containment and try to convince the President to announce so, to ensure that no one takes lightly the need to curb the epidemic.

Quarantine benefits to iGaming industry

For some years now, casinos have been looking down on the emergence of a major competitor: online solutions. More and more operators are offering individuals the opportunity to play cards online as if they were in a real casino. And almost all games of pure chance such as slot machines are also available online.

As a result, many online slot games lovers play online and will enjoy their quarantine. Indeed, the federal administrators’ decision to close down casinos (among other businesses) could give a major boost to online solutions. Players who have already converted will be happy with it, and those who have never tried it before may be tempted for the first time.

The real casinos are closed, the sport industry have cancelled many events, so online betting is going down. Fortunately, there are many solutions: online Poker, Slots, BlackJack, Casino, and many other games. Here are some of the multiple games you could try while staying at home:

  1. Slots

There are a multitude of completely free slots on various online casinos. You will be able to test them without downloading them for as long as you like in demo mode. To play them in real mode, all you need to do is download it. Some slots also have bonuses, others have progressive jackpot features. In addition, you can easily access any slot game by entering its name in your search engine.

  1. Poker

Many online poker rooms are available on the internet. You can play for free or make the game more interesting and try to win your bet or more! If you don’t know how to play poker, this can be an opportunity to learn and impress your friends and family.

  1. BlackJack

Blackjack is now one of the most popular games and a great entertainment! Those of you who like to challenge themselves will have the opportunity to discover the full range of this great entertainment! You might also be delighted to learn that many versions of blackjack are available on the best online casinos. You can try them out for free on the internet, and train, for even more lucrative games!

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